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Manager Drainage Area Water Board District Rijn and IJssel (2004 - 2005)

The District Water Board Rijn and IJssel has been working with a new organizational structure since 1 March 2004. The work area of the water board has been subdivided into three drainage areas. As the interim manager for the drainage area from June 2004 until the end of 2005, Gerard Horst was responsible for the integration of policies, the management and maintenance of the water systems within the drainage area North (former water boards Schipbeek and Berkel), including the maintenance of the waterways and dams and dikes in this area. At the same time he is responsible for the professionalism of the thematic working on projects within the Water Board.

This job requires integral management. As line manager of a drainage area with 35 employees, many personnel issues arise: changes in stations and/or work areas and in job responsibilities. This calls for a quick training, then making employees enthusiastic, guiding, managing and coaching them. As a process manager, Gerard Horst is involved in the financing, the harmonizing with stakeholders, the realizing of the land acquisition, the timely execution and completion of projects and the administrative and managerial coordination. And apart from that, due to the increase in the number of projects and a constantly increasing investment volume, an efficient project management also becomes necessary. Expert knowledge, therefore, is able to be a discussion partner for both internal and external parties.